How Breaks Work

How Breaks Work


A break is an event where a breaker opens a box of cards or multiple boxes of cards. The breaker divides up these boxes by categories, could be by team, or division or even random spots. Customers pay for these spots and when all the spots are paid, it’s time to break! The break could be a live event or a pre-recorded event (always check the description of the break). The breaker opens all the packs in the box and then handles sending the cards to each customer that paid for a spot in that break.

different types of breaks

PYT (Pick Your Team) The most common break out there. It’s pretty simple, you purchase a single team and get all the cards from that team.PYP (Pick Your Player) There is a checklist of players and each is sold as a single spot. This type of break is done with products that are close to release days where there is lots of interest. These are not normal day to day breaks. Random/Mixer Breaks These breaks can be a single product or a combination of random products put together. They are ususually sold as a single team spot (30 spots). You aren’t buying a team but rather a spot and the way the teams are picked for the customers is either through randomizing the teams or doing a draft.  Pack Breaks Very straight forward breaks. The breaker will divide up a box into pack lots (1 pack or multi packs). The breaker will open each pack lot and the contents of that pack will go to the customer in that spot.Hit Breaks A hit break is more popular for higher end products. Example: a box of cards that only has hits in the packs (autos, jersey cards, etc..) The customers are giving a random card or the breaker does a randomized draft order where the customers will pick the card they want when their draft spot comes up.Razz Breaks It’s basically a raffle in break form. Let’s say there are 10 spots in the break, then 50 razz spots will be sold (at a discounted rate to a normal break). The breaker will then use a randomizer and pick 10 people to get a spot in the break. It’s a cheaper way to get a shot at being in a break but also very risky as you might not even get into the break.  
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Why should you buy into a break?

Breaks are a great addition to the card collecting world that I would recommend everyone try at least once. It gives you the opportunity to get exposure to products and cards you may never have had a chance at otherwise.

In addition, I always suggest making fun and enjoyment the primary reason why you try breaking. That helps you avoid getting caught up in the ROI and potentially letting a lack of return ruin your experience. In card breaks, just as in life, sometimes Lady Luck is on your side and sometimes she is not – and those, ladies and gentleman, are the breaks.

There are a couple reasons, the first being you can get exposure to cards and products that you may never have had a chance to otherwise. Secondly, the community. If a breaker is doing it right, they are interacting with the customers and providing them a platform/discord/forum to not only be involved in breaks, but also be part of a community. Getting to visit and talk to other hobby enthusiasts can be a very rewarding bonus to getting involved with a breaker and their brand. Do it FOR FUN, yes you can hit it big, but you can also get little to no return buying into a break so just make sure you know the details of it and in the end, only spend what you can afford on your hobby!

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Personal Box Breaks

A box break that is on a personal level! A personal box break is where one person buys an entire box and we open that box for them. We showcase them and their product on our YouTube, Facebook and Discord platforms and then pack it all up and send it to them! We try to make every personal box break an ‘Event’ for our customers. You can get it for yourself or as a surprise / present for someone you know